Assam Milk Tea 340ml

After the 17th century, ASSAM black tea was brought to Europe by Europeans, creating a new taste with cream that became standard ASSAM milk tea.
The pure milk flavor gives you a most smoothest and relaxing feeling.

    【Unforgettable tasting】

        T.Grand uses authentic Assam black tea leaves and aromatic cream that create a unique Assam milk Tea. With this amazing taste, you would want to sip on again and again, and become lover of Assam milk tea. Right now special size of package with 250ml that has already been launched, it is very convenient to carry and drink anywhere!



    【Brand imaging of happiness】

        One of the leading beverage company in Taiwan, T. Grand International Co., Ltd., who uses a stamp and couple image to symbolize the era of correspondence and unforgettable tasting.



    Contact of caffeine:under 20mg/100mL

     This product contains milk and is produced in a facility that also uses wheat, soybeans, sesame& tree nuts.

     Shake well. Keep refrigerated after opening. Sedimentation may occur.

     Avoid direct exposure to the sunlight.


    PKL300ml                     PKL400ml
    PKL250ml                     PKL350ml