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Deeply cultivated in Taiwan, deeply rooted in the heart

           T. Grand International Co., Ltd., one of leading beverage companies in Taiwan, has successfully penetrated in the previous year several foreign markets dominated by Western beverage brands. Its presence now in Australia, New Zealand, Saipan, MBI, Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and the U.S.A. is seen as a major step forward in expanding the market reach of local beverage producers worldwide.           

           The company commands a fair share of the domestic beverage market, offering an excellent choice of refreshing and healthy drinks that includes milk tea, oolong tea, green tea, black tea, vegetable juices, coffee and sports drinks. Local consumers can easily identify it by its product brands Assam and T Grand lining nearly every shelf of CVS, grocery stores, supermarkets, public welfare centers, and school canteens.          

           To meet the ever-changing needs of diversified markets, the company continues to introduce new flavors of beverages on a regular basis. Its participation in different trade expositions and upgrade of skills and production technologies also prove of its commitment to provide the best alternatives to traditional soft drinks.          

           Its products are certified and approved by the leading safety and quality standard bodies, including the Taiwan Quality Food Association (TQF) and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our factory also has international standards certification, including ISO 22000 and HACCP. Promising to uphold its basic principles of integrity, innovation, quality and service, the company looks into the future, with the goal of taking the unique taste of Taiwan tea drinks far across the international market.          



company identification - T.Grand LOGO


              T.Grand International corporate logo is formed by combining the English words "Tea" and "Grand" with the prefixes "T" and "G". "T" stands for Tea and Taiwan. Two words“T.” and“Grand” manifest the company ambition, that is, to be the leading Tea beverage manufacture in Taiwan and to promote the Taiwan tea culture in the world.

Business Philosophy


Integrity is an important core value of T. GRAND. We take integrity as first priority, make promises, fulfill requirements firmly, and become reliable partners of others.


Each product of T. GRAND has been verified by the internal quality assurance unit and external organization to ensure high quality for consumers.


In terms of products, our R&D team develop products according to the needs of the market and customers; in terms of personnal, we have arranged various educational trainings and group activities to strengthen the competitiveness of all employees.


In addition to developing customized services with new flavors according to customer needs, we also conduct market interviews and surveys, hoping that every bottle of beverage can be timely respond to the market, meet demands, and provide higher value to consumers.

Offering tasty & fresh drinks from Taiwan to the World

           With the diligent spirit of Taiwanese people, T.Grand is constantly striving to improve its quality. With the heart of caring for this land, it insists on providing safe, hygienic, high-quality and friendly products, so that all consumers can enjoy it healthily and with peace of mind. T.Grand started in Taiwan, and we also hope that we will continue to work hard in Taiwan and gradually develop global consumption. Through more quality-assured products, we aim at MIT (Made in Taiwan, Made by T.Grand), and we will move forward step by step; we also believe that high-quality products will inevitably be successfully marketed all over the world, creating more happy experiences.

Brand promotion, corporate responsibility 

           T.Grand is famous for its Assam brand with a happy and passionate image. It has a variety of long-selling milk tea products, which are deeply loved by consumers. Recently operating new brands and sub-brands, including Fiber drink, Megoody, Tea time, Mizulife, etc., to expand the product portfolio, and also won a number of international food awards.

           In recent years, we carried out TV commercials, theatrical titles, online and mobile advertisements, outdoor advertisements and public relations activities, planned consumer activities and social media operations. In the future, we will continue to carry out corporate strategic adjustments to achieve the vision of deeply cultivating Taiwan and marketing the world.
T.Grand has been engaged in export sales for more than ten years and has rich experience in overseas sales expansion. In recent years, it has continuously increased its momentum to develop the international market through food exhibitions in Europe, America and Asia region. Customized product content and packaging, and work as partners on managing the local market.

           Finally, corporate social responsibility is also important to T.Grand. It has cooperated with non-profit organizations such as World Vision, World Peace, Mennonite Foundation, etc., for major domestic disasters, we have vigorously funded donations and material disaster relief. In addition, environmental protection is another development point. The Douliu factory has successively introduced mechanical equipment such as solar power generation and natural gas boilers, applied for the carbon footprint label, and introduced EIP and video conference systems. It is committed to energy conservation and carbon reduction, and fulfills its corporate social responsibility.