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ASSAM Brown Sugar Milk Tea won Bronze Quality Award from Monde Selection 2021

ASSAM Brown Sugar Milk Tea have been awarded with  Bronze Quality Award from Monde Selection 2021

Bubble milk tea is original from Taiwan and nowadays it can be seen in many countries and beverage exhibition worldwide. Brown sugar bubble milk tea is not only one of the latest flavor trends to hand-shake drink market but also is hot topics in social media. With its delicious-looking tiger stripes of inside cup and aromatic milk flavor start to draw customer’s attention, brown sugar bubble milk tea has been becoming an international beverage.

Taiwan brown sugar has a rich molasses, deeper flavor which can be widely used in making drinks or food. It also makes taste extraordinary and contains trace elements and minerals. T. Grand uses classic Assam milk tea that combines with selective Taiwan brown sugar and tapioca flavor, which creates a special new flavor, Brown Sugar Milk Tea. Drinking Assam Brown Sugar Milk Tea feels like a marvelous tasting, you would love it and enjoy each sip.

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