Assam Malt & Oat Milk Tea 400ml

Using 100% American malt extract and Australian oat, the special aroma and multi-layered taste of grains are suitable for all ages, and add rich and delicious Assam milk tea to create a new trend of mixed flavored milk tea!
  • 【The health trend of plant-based】

        100% selected American malt extract and Australian oat, mix the malt flavor with the healthy grain-oat which is suitable for all ages. The taste of grain and rich fragrant of Assam milk tea create different layers to milk tea. 


    【Amazing & Stunning package for visual fresh】

        The gorgeous & outstanding geometric packaging design has remarkably incorporated extraordinary taste of ASSAM brand identity, staying vintage and chic.





    Contact of caffeine:under 20mg/100mL    

     This product contains milk and is produced in a facility that also uses wheat,soybeans,sesame& tree nuts.

     Shake well. Keep refrigerated after opening. Sedimentation may occur.

     Avoid direct exposure to the sunlight.