Assam Lychee Tea 580ml

Strictly selected Taiwan lychees, paired with Assam pure tea leaves, the natural sweet lychee fruit aroma diffuses in the mouth, intertwined with the tea flavor, harmonious and not greasy make people can't help but take a sip.
  • 【Uninque Taiwan lychee fragrance】

        A sip of classic mellow Assam black tea blended with rich fruity sweet lychee, Assam Lychee Tea leads you into a fragrant and elegant mind set.

    【Refreshing with richly sweet and mildly sour Lychee taste】

        Tropical fruits are the most suitable for tea choice, especially lychee is one of the best. Unique aroma all the way down to the throat, incredible sweet touch on the tongue, pushing the sweet and sour taste is just like the feeling of falling in love. No wonder it is adored by the western and the eastern people at home and abroad.




    Contact of caffeine:under 20mg/100mL   

     This product  is produced in a facility that also uses mango& tree nuts.

     Shake well. Keep refrigerated after opening. Sedimentation may occur.

     Avoid direct exposure to the sunlight.