Assam Lemon Tea 580ml

Pure black tea from Assam, flavored with lemon juice for a refreshing and sweet aftertaste. Add fresh and fruity aroma to the elegant tea aroma, and match it with an excellent taste that is refreshing, cool, sweet and sour.
  • 【Fresh lemon & great taste】

        Using pure black tea from Assam, and then lemon juice is used to awaken the umami in the tea soup, so the elegant tea fragrance adds a fresh and fruity fragrance, as well as a refreshing, cool, sweet and sour taste.

    【Premium Assam Tea】

        Selected high-quality Assam black tea, combined with professional tea-making technology and craftsmanship, the tea is rich and sweet, and the taste is thick and not astringent.



    Contact of caffeine:under 20mg/100mL 

     This product  is produced in a facility that also uses mango& tree nuts.

     Shake well. Keep refrigerated after opening. Sedimentation may occur.

      Avoid direct exposure to the sunlight.