For the quality assurance sake, suppliers of raw materials are requested to provide the laboratory analysis of non-heavy-metal and chemical residual. And then the quality assurance personals conduct the following check: microorganism, water, sugar, acid, ph value and so on. The raw materials are stored in restricted area and avoid from any chance of contamination.  
        According to the regulations of food safety and hygiene, staffs are requested to wear uniform, sterilize hands and pass through air shower before entering into producing lines.

          Finished products stored and observed in the storage area supervised by the quality assurance personals are conducted a series lab tests such as, total plate count, mould, yeast, sugar, acid, ph value, taste and so on..  The quality assurance personals store few cases of finished products in their office in order to trace the quality. Besides of internal laboratory analysis, we also invite several institutes or authorities such as: Public Health Bureau, SGS, FIRDI to perform the regular audits.  Only when the finished products are satisfied by all of the result of labs, they are released by computer.


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