The quality of water is main key element of drinks. Douliu city is situated in an agricultural area. Therefore, our products are taken advantage.  The source water is treated under multiple processes and then comes out good quality of soft water.

          The manufacturing process is completed by several steps: Blended→ Filtered→homogenized→heat sterilization→filling→sealed→coded→boxed→palletized and stored.

        We install the suspensory producing system for the PET producing line. It is heat filling for low acid, acid, carbonated, particle products. The content can be filled in 350ml to 2000ml bottle. This autonomy particle filling machine is rarely used in factories in Taiwan. It assures the stability and consistency of particles in each bottle.  
       For the Tetra Pak product we use SIG Combibloc 612, 712.  It manufactures acid, low acid and milk products.  The content can be 200ml, 250ml, 300ml, 330ml, 350ml, 400ml, 500ml and 1000ml.  It is bound up by 6 layers using paper, aluminum foil and polythene. 


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